Ultra Low Power Mode

API Reference

Some Sierra Wireless modules can use ultra low power mode by shutting down major components (e.g. app processor, modem, etc.) while keeping an ultra low power component alive. This ultra low power component is used to monitor boot (or wakeup) sources that are set before switching to ultra low power mode.

This API is used to set the boot sources and switch the device to ultra low power state.

Typical Usage

Typically, this API is used like this:

  • Boot sources are set by calling le_ulpm_BootOnGpio()/le_ulpm_BootOnTimer(). If multiple boot sources are configured, the module will boot if any of the boot sources are triggered.
  • After configuring boot source, le_ulpm_ShutDown() can be called to initiate shutdown (i.e. shutt down all major components like the app processor, modem, etc.).

Sample Code

This C code sample calls low power manager API to switch low power mode:

void SwitchToLowPowerMode
// Boot after 1000 second of shutdown.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnTimer(1000) != LE_OK, "Can't set timer as boot source");
// Boot if GPIO36 voltage level is high.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnGpio(36, LE_LPM_GPIO_HIGH) != LE_OK, "Can't set gpio36 as boot source");
// Boot if GPIO38 voltage level is low.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnGpio(38, LE_LPM_GPIO_LOW) != LE_OK, "Can't set gpio38 as boot source");
// Initiate shutdown.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_ShutDown() != LE_OK, "Can't initiate shutdown");

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