Input Power Supply Monitoring API

API Reference

The IPS API is used to get monitoring information related to the platform voltage input and set warning and critical thresholds.

IPC interfaces binding

All the functions of this API are provided by the modemService.

Here's a code sample binding to modem services:

   clientExe.clientComponent.le_ips -> modemService.le_ips

Power Supply Monitoring

This functionality allows to retrieve the Platform input voltage in [mV], so that the application can use the information to diagnose why the modem isn't fully functioning.

le_ips_GetInputVoltage() API allows the application to retrieve the Platform voltage input.

Input voltage Thresholds

When a Critical event occurs, some platform may automatically switch off.
On some platforms, the thresholds parameters are persistent and a Platform reboot is required for thresholds change takes effect.

Four Thresholds are set to decide the state: the critical, warning, the normal and the high critical Platform input voltage thresholds.

if the Platform input voltage decreases below the:

  • "High Critical Threshold - 1 " but still higher than "Warning Threshold", LE_IPS_VOLTAGE_NORMAL event occurs.
  • "Warning Threshold" but still higher than "Critical Threshold", LE_IPS_VOLTAGE_WARNING event occurs.
  • "Critical Threshold", a LE_IPS_VOLTAGE_CRITICAL event occurs.

if the Platform input voltage goes up and it reaches the :

  • "Normal threshold", a LE_IPS_VOLTAGE_NORMAL event occurs.
  • "High critical thresholds", a LE_IPS_HI_VOLTAGE_CRITICAL event occurs.
The threshold values range is platform dependent.

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