ADC Channel API

API Reference

This API provides definitions for reading ADC inputs.

le_adc_ReadValue() returns the value read from an ADC channel. It takes two arguments:

  • The first is the number of the ADC channel to read.
  • The second is used to return the value read.

The ADC channels are multiplexed to a single Analog to Digital Converter. A call to le_adc_ReadValue() will cause the associated channel to be connected to the input of the ADC, trigger a conversion and return the value read.

At this time it is not possible to change the scaling factor, sample time or reference voltage. Channels EXT_ADC1 and EXT_ADC2 are externally available for general use and by default use 1.8V reference and return results in mV.

Ensure to check the list of supported ADC channels on your specific platform before calling the le_adc_ReadValue() function.

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