Legato Plugin for VSCode

The Legato team has been working hard on the next generation of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop Legato Systems, Apps and Components.

We are proud to launch the Legato Plugin for Visual Studio Code. The plugin provides simple to use tools hooked up to a well known IDE that incorporates the Legato workflows and convenient tools to let you develop and troubleshoot Legato.

The Legato Plugin for VS Code puts tools into your hands to ease the learning curve and provide a visual map of how all the system pieces are put together for building the Legato runtime environment.

We do value your feedback and want you to use the plugin. Report any issues in the VSCode category of the forum.


  • Full integration with Leaf Workspace Manager - install and upgrade Legato and associated tools that your target requires.
  • Legato System View - a logical view of your Legato system model with the ability to add and edit existing systems.
  • Add new apps and components using templates that set up your system using Legato best practices.
  • Build your system and install on your target in one step.
  • Code completion for your C/C++ code with autocompletion for legato.h and the C/C++ standard library.
  • Debugging with GDB support.
  • Support for adding, editing and removing components through the Legato System view.
  • Error correction and handling for both the definition files and APIs.
Section Description
Install the Legato Plugin for VSCode Install vsCode and the Legato Plugin for Legato development
vsCode Leaf Integration Learn how to use the Leaf Activity menu within the Legato Plugin
vsCode Legato System View Learn how to use the Legato System View within Leaf
vsCode .xdef menu Learn how to use the Definition menu within the Legato Plugin
vsCode Target Menu Learn how to use the Target menu with the Legato Plugin
Dev Studio to VSCode Migrate Dev Studio Apps to Visual Studio Code

Dev Studio?

What does this mean for Developer Studio?

Developer Studio is the previous IDE that was used to create and debug Legato systems. Developer Studio has served us well for the last 10 years but we couldn’t easily tie in the Developer Studio workflow with the Legato workflow in a consistent way that was easy to maintain for current and future features.

Support for Developer Studio has ended and the Legato plugin for VSCode is now the currently supported IDE. Instructions for migrating your apps from Developer Studio to Visual Studio code are provided here: Dev Studio to VSCode


Thank you for coming along on this journey with us to provide you an easy to use IDE that will help you configure and code your Legato Systems quicker, getting your product to market quicker.