leaf - development workspace manager designed to download, install and configure your development environment for Legato.

Install Leaf

To install leaf download and setup our debian package from the Sierra Wireless Tools Repository:

$ wget https://downloads.sierrawireless.com/tools/leaf/leaf_latest.deb -O /tmp/leaf_latest.deb && sudo apt install /tmp/leaf_latest.deb
$ mkdir ~/myWorkspace; cd ~/myWorkspace

To list all available leaf help pages: leaf help --list

Leaf Commands

Informational Leaf Commands
help - Displays this page and other help commands. (i.e.; leaf help <command> )
version - Displays the version of Leaf

Initialize a workspace/profile and download a package for your target (see also: leaf help legato-start)

Command Description
search Search for a package for your target
setup Setup a workspace (if not created), create/setup a profile and download packages
shell Enter into a shell configured for your profile and environment

Manage your Profile

Command Description
status List your current profiles and their status
select Switch between multiple profiles
update Update(upgrade/downgrade) a profile to another version of a package
profile Manage your profiles: rename, delete, sync

Configure a profile to use the source or binary version of a package (see also: leaf help legato-source)

Command Description
getsrc Switch to the source version of a package (if available)

Manage your Leaf Environment

Command Description
colors Change to a different color theme
env Create, set, and remove environment variables
config Manage the configuration of leaf

Manage the repositories for your packages. (see also: leaf help legato-workflow)

Command Description
remote Add, remove and manage the list of remote repositories


leaf [--non-interactive] [-w <workspace>] <command> [-v|-q] [options...]
leaf -V|--version             Displays version
leaf [<command>] -h|--help    Display help

Optional Arguments

-v, --verbose                 Increase the level of logging for the command
-q, --quiet                   Remove all command output except meaningful information
--non-interactive             Answer the default choice to every question asked
-w, --workspace <workspace>   Use the specified workspace path