Build Tools

The most commonly used Legato build tools are:

Tool Description
mksys Generate a system bundle to install and run on a target.
mkapp Generate a binary app package to distribute to others for use in their systems or an app bundle to install and run on a target.

The Legato Framework includes a set of build tools that aim to reduce development and maintenance effort by

  • generating boiler-plate code
  • simplifying component-based software development
  • building and packaging drivers from kernel objects or source code
  • packaging apps and config settings for deployment to target devices.

There are two main sets of tools:

  • mk Tools, a group of related tools for building components, executables and apps for deployment to a target device
  • ifgen, a code generator for generating IPC code from .api files.
ifgen is normally automatically invoked by the mk Tools, so you can generally ignore it unless you are trying to interface something that doesn't use Legato with something that does use Legato.