File System service


The File System (FS) service allows accessing the file system on different platforms:

  • providing a Read/Write space to create/store/read files.
  • on Read Only platforms, the /tmp/data/le_fs is used as base of the FS sevice.

The File System service offers the following file operations:

  • open a file with le_fs_Open()
  • close a file with le_fs_Close()
  • read in a file with le_fs_Read()
  • write in a file with le_fs_Write()
  • change the current position in a file with le_fs_Seek()
  • get the size of a file with le_fs_GetSize()
  • delete a file with le_fs_Delete()
  • move a file with le_fs_Move()
  • recursively deletes a folder with le_fs_RemoveDirRecursive()
  • checks whether a regular file exists le_fs_Exists()