Services APIs

Legato's Services APIs are pre-built IPC interfaces designed to create and run multiple services in different ways:

  • OEM's can create Legato apps to run as services on their specific hardware.
  • 3rd party software providers can create apps to enable supported hardware.
  • 3rd party software providers can use the built-in APIs for it's core daemons to control and configure other services and Apps.

A simple interface definition language (IDL) similar to C is provided to help define APIs so they can be used in multiple, different programming languages. See API Files.

To access the APIs the associated services must be running on the Legato System before you can use the API; targets may already have various service Apps installed on the default Legato System. Please check with your hardware vendor for the specifics of what services are enabled and supported as some of the services may have limited support for the target devices.

All Legato AF Daemons and many of the Platform Services are multi-app safe, this means that the API's can be used by several Apps concurrently, and arbitration is fully managed among the Apps so multiple Apps can share the same resources.

The Legato AF Daemons provide full-featured interface access to configure and control services and Apps:

Daemon Description multi-app safe
Config Tree Target configuration database
Logging API Control logging messages and outputs
Supervisor Control framework, services and Apps
Update Update Legato System and Apps
Watchdog Service Configures watchdogs for Apps

Platform Services provide full-featured interface access to system and modem resources:

Service Description multi-app safe
AirVantage Connector Configure AirVantage Connect Service
Audio Control audio features
Cellular Network Register and manage modems
Data Connection Request data connection
GPIO Configure general purpose input/output
Modem Modem services
Positioning Positioning services
Power Device power management
Secure Storage Secure storage for sensitive data
SMS Messaging SMS and SMS Inbox
SPI Configure SPI interface
Voice Call Service Voice communications
WiFi WiFi
AT Commands AT commands services
Port Service Port service
Some Services shouldn't be used together in the same app (e.g, if you use a multi-app safe service like Data Connection, you can't also use the Modem Data Control Service).

Overview of Legato AF Architecture: