Configure USB Interface

The WP85 module on a mangOH board is pre-configured to connect over USB. SSH is enabled over USB only for all targets on Legato 16.10.0+.

By default the USB IP address is

Connect using SSH over USB

Install a ssh client on your dev machine.

In Linux:

$ sudo apt-get install openssh-client

The default IP for WP devices over USB is

$ ssh   # you may have to specify a user depending on how the Target it configured

Check Firewall Rules

Upon upgrading to Legato 16.10.0 SSH is disabled on all network interfaces except usb0.

Rule configuration is stored in /etc/iptables. rules.v4 (IPV4) and rules.v6 (IPV6)

Check the config by running:

# less /etc/iptables/rules.v4       # or rules.v6 to check the IPv6 rules

To further modify the firewall rules see Check Firewall Rules

Set up IPv6 over USB

Check to see if IPv6 is enabled on your dev machine and target.

$ ip -6 address show <interface>

If there is no IPv6 address add config for the interface

$ sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.backup
$ sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces

Add the following lines (modify for your interface (usb0 on the Target), and IP address you wish to use

auto <interface>
iface <interface> inet6 static
    address <desired ip address>
    netmask 127

Restart the networking on your device.

Dev Machine:

$ sudo systemctl restart networking

Target: Reboot your device

Test by pinging your Target Device from your dev machine on the IP address assigned and run ifconfig usb0 on both the Target and dev machine to display the configuration.

$ ping6 <ipv6 address>

Troubleshoot Issues

Connectivity Issues:

  • Currently there is an outstanding issue in Ubuntu 15.10+ with the ECMUsb driver. This bug may cause your Ubuntu Connection Manager to crash. The workaround is to uninstall Modem Manager on your Ubuntu PC.
$ sudo apt-get remove modemmanager
  • If you are having issues connecting over IP on the Target device try connection over USB or Serial Cable and bring the interface up and down, or reboot the device.
# ifdown usb0
# ifup usb0
  • If USB isn't configured on a WP target, then delete /mnt/flash/ufs/etc and reboot:
    # rm -rf /mnt/flash/ufs/etc
    # reboot

Developer Studio:

If the Target is not being recognized in Developer Studio:

Check to see if devMode is running

# app status devMode

Start developer mode (restart if needed)

# app stop devMode
# app start devMode

For further help with Developer Studio see the Developer Studio Guide within the Help section of Developer Studio.