Use the Set MAC Address tool to set your MAC address and optionally a static IP address.

The dev kit board Ethernet port doesn't have a permanent MAC address. Each time the target starts, a locally administered MAC address is generated. With DHCP, this will likely also cause your IP address to change. With a static IP address, the IP address won't change, but switching equipment may result in errors because the IP address is being used by a new target.

If you're confident editing the /etc/network/interfaces file (e.g., created some up/down rules for eth0), then you probably don't want to use setNet (it won't merge well). You can restore your /etc/network/interfaces file after running setNet: /etc/network/interfaces is renamed with a date and time suffix.


setNet [macrandom|macfixed] [dhcp|static] [address <address>] [netmask <netmask>]

Use macfixed to set the dev board to use the MAC provided at boot time, and continue to use DHCP for the IP address.

Use static to set a fixed MAC regardless of whether macrandom is provided (setNet static is equivalent to setNet macfixed static).

If logged in over ssh, close the session quickly as ssh tends to hang. Then run ssh like this:

ssh root@<ip address> 'setNet <commands>'
setNet only supports IPv4 addresses at the moment. No address, gateway or netmask values validation is done.

To display usage, run

setNet --help