The Sandbox Trace sbtrace tool helps import files into a Legato app's sandbox. It's usually run automatically through the host sbhelper tool, but you can run it without using sbhelper.

sbtrace starts the specified app and traces the app's system calls to dynamically determine the files the app is trying to access. It gives users the option to allow or deny access to files not already in the app's sandbox. If the app is granted access, then the file is automatically imported into the app's sandbox.

The app access is temporary. The sbtrace tool doesn't modify the app's installation or config settings. The requires section should still be added to the app's Application Definition .adef or Component Definition .cdef files.


sbtrace <appName>[OPTIONS]

Starts tracing the specified app.


-o <PATH>, --output=<PATH>

Writes the requires section to a file specified at PATH.

--help, -h 

Display help and exit.