The WiFi Service exposes two APIs to manage Clients and Access Points.

API Guide API Reference File Name Description multi-app safe
WiFi Access Point Service le_wifiAp_interface.h le_wifiAp.api Create an access point that clients can connect to.
WiFi Client Service le_wifiClient_interface.h le_wifiClient.api Connect to a WiFi access point.

App Implementation

The WiFi Service is implemented by the wifiService

To bind to these APIs customize the following bindings for your App's .adef:

myExecutable.myComponentClient.le_wifiAp -> wifiService.le_wifiAp
myExecutable.myComponentClient.le_wifiClient -> wifiService.le_wifiClient


The wifi can be used to configure and control the client or access point from the command line.

Sample Apps

The following WiFi Sample Apps are available to test the client or access point and to show an example of developing your own wifi client or access point app.

Section Description
WiFi Client Sample App How to use Wifi Client API
WiFi Access Point Test App How to use Wifi Access Point API
WiFi Access Point Web Sample App Setup the Access Point using a webpage