Config Tree

The Config Tree is a non-volatile noSQL database that stores configuration values for apps.

The following APIs describe how to create and store and retrieve configuration data within your apps:

API Guide API Reference File Name Description
Config Tree API le_cfg_interface.h le_cfg.api Functions to read and write data into the App's Tree
Config Tree Admin API le_cfgAdmin_interface.h le_cfgAdmin.api Tools facilitate the administration of App's Trees

Controlling Access

Each config tree is protected with an access control list stored within the System Tree, each App, by default, has read access to it's own tree, but if write access is needed, or an App needs access to another Apps tree then permissions need to be set with in the App's .adef.


The following tool has been built to manage Config Trees:

Tool Description
config Tool to inspect trees, read/write values and import/export trees