Port Service

API Reference

This service manages a list of serial links (physical or emulated). It also manages the link modes (AT command and data mode).

IPC interfaces binding

All the functions of this API are provided by the portService.

Here's a code sample binding to the port service:

   portTest.portTestComp.le_port -> portService.le_port

Request Device

le_port_Request() must be called to open a configured device. If the device was not opened, it opens the device.

Switch Mode

le_port_SetDataMode() must be called to switch the device into data mode. le_port_SetCommandMode() must be called to switch the device into command mode.

Release Device

le_port_Release() must be called to release the device.


Get Port Reference

le_port_GetPortReference() must be called to get the port object reference regarding to a given reference coming from the AT server.