Update the Application Framework

When a new version of the Legato Application Framework is released you can easily update your Legato Repository and update your target to the new release.

Update through GitHub

If you have installed the Legato Application Framework through GitHub then you just need to checkout the new version of the repository and then sync with that version.

$ cd ~/workspace/legatoAF
$ repo init -u git://github.com/legatoproject/manifest -m legato/releases/17.11.0.xml
$ repo sync

Now make a new default build for your target, this will build any new tools that have been included with the release and configure any new environment variables.

$ make <target>

If you are using a custom system on your Target you must create a new system update pack with mksys and update your target so that the newest version of the Legato Runtime Environment is installed on the target.

You may also have to install new Firmware and/or OS with the update, check with your target manufacturer to find out if the latest version of Legato is compatible with your target's firmware and OS, or if your target needs an update.