Upgrading Legato

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Important: Upgrade the firmware before upgrading the Legato application framework.

Config Trees: Legato currently overwrites private config trees during upgrading. An import/export script can be used to create a copy of config trees and reinstate settings after installation.

Contact your Field Application Engineer (FAE) to upgrade AR series targets.

Upgrade WP Firmware
Upgrade Legato Application Framework

Here's other info you may need to look at:
Legato 15.10 Beta release notes

Upgrade WP85 Firmware

These instructions are for the Legato 15.10.1 Beta release; this release provided new downloads only. The firmware requires both customer and carrier configurations to be upgraded.

Follow these steps:

Connect to your target device.
Upgrade the customer configuration
Upgrade the carrier configuration - this is a two step process.

1. Connect Device

Connect your target device to your host PC using a serial port over USB in Windows (the upgrade packages are one-click .exe files).

Go to Device Manager and check that the target has enumerated as a "DM" serial port. See Not Enumerating as DM Port? if your target isn't displayed in the list.

2. Upgrade Customer Configuration

To determine the correct customer configuration package for your upgrade, connect to the target (through HyperTerminal or Tera Term), and run the AT command AT!PRIID?. It will return the PRI number, which should be one of these:

The hardware upgrade package includes Legato 15.10.0.Beta and important platform related configuration.

Download and run the configuration package applicable to your SKU (corresponding to the PN above):

SKU 9101011 v001.013_000
File: 9101011_5501011_WP8548-G_07.04.06.00_00_DevKit_001.013_000-field.exe
download 9101011 configuration

SKU 1102621 v001.000_000
File: 1102621_9904889_WP8548-G_07.04.06.00_00_Generic_001.000_000-field.exe
download 1102621 configuration

Double-click the .exe file to run the upgrade.

The target will boot in Airplane mode after the upgrade if this is the first use of this configuration.

3. Upgrade Carrier Configuration

The carrier configuration package includes the modem and application processor firmware and carrier-specific configuration.

Download the generic carrier configuration tool:

File: 9999999_9904559_SWI9X15Y_07.05.01.00_00_GENERIC_001.013_000-field.exe
download Beta carrier configuration

File: legatocwe-15.10.1.exe
download Beta legato upgrade tool

Double-click the 9999999_9904559_SWI9X15Y_07.05.01.00_00_GENERIC_001.013_000-field.exe file to run the carrier upgrade.

The target will boot in Online mode after the upgrade.

Double-click the Legato upgrade legatocwe-15.10.1.exe to upgrade Legato on the target.

Not Enumerating as DM Port?

If the target is enumerating as an ECM device only (i.e., Ethernet over USB), use the command configEcm off in a Linux shell to allow DM to enumerate in the USB port.

If ECM-only enumeration is preferred, access the A5 console via UART, Ethernet, or USB (ADB), and run command configEcm on. Alternatively use configEcm to list optional parameters for the ECM configuration.

More Info

For complete WP85 release notes, see the SWI9X15Y 7.0 r01.04 Customer Release Notes PDF.

For more info about the WP85 firmware downloads, see the WP85 Legato Source page

Upgrade Legato Beta AF 15.08 to 15.10

Ensure you upgrade firmware before upgrading Legato AF. Also, ensure you have the latest source code from GitHub.

On your development host, go to the Legato build toolchain installation directory (/opt/swi) and remove all files:

$ cd /opt/swi
$ sudo rm -rf *

Installation packages (including toolchain downloads) are available at the Sierra Wireless Source Legato Downloads page.

Select toolchain for either 32 or 64 bits and copy it to /opt/swi

$ mkdir -p /opt/swi
$ chmod u+x [toolchain.sh file]
$ [toolchain.sh file]

You may need to use sudo to run mkdir.

Then install and build Legato, and then set up the target software.

See Legato documentation for full information.