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Prep Dev Host

The Linux development host needs a few things to be set up.

Install Linux Host Packages

Run the following to install necessary packages:

$ sudo apt-get install bison build-essential chrpath cifs-utils cmake coreutils curl desktop-file-utils diffstat docbook-utils doxygen fakeroot flex g++ gawk gcc git-core gitk graphviz help2man libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libreadline6-dev libsdl-dev libtool libxml2-dev libxml-libxml-perl make m4 python-pip python-jinja2 python-pysqlite2 quilt samba scons sed subversion texi2html texinfo unzip wget 

Uninstall ccache

If ccache is installed, you must uninstall it so you can build some target images:

$ sudo apt-get remove ccache 

Set Default System Shell

Some versions of Ubuntu default to dash system shell instead of bash, which will cause builds to fail. Run echo $0 to check your shell.

If you need to change it to use bash, run:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash 

Answer "No" to the question.

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