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mksys (Make System)
Support for mksys is incomplete.

Run mksys to generate a system bundle that can be installed on a target and run.

System bundles are compressed archives containing a collection of applications and access control configuration settings to allow them to interact with each other, as defined within an .sdef file.

The main input for mksys is an .sdef file. This file contains a definition of

  • what applications should be deployed to the target device,
  • what inter-application communication is permitted,
  • what application limits, environment variables, and configuration settings should be added or overridden.

mksys will parse the .sdef file, find the .adef files for the applications, build the applications, generate on-target access control configuration settings, and bundle everything into a system bundle for installation on the target device.

Run mksys with the –help or -h option for a description of the command-line arguments it accepts.

System Definition .sdef or System Definition .sdef files for more info.

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