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Connect to AirVantage

Detailed info:
Installing a Legato application remotely using AirVantage
AirVantage Agent Connector library

API info is here: swi_airvantage.h

Complete AirVantage documentation:

Overview Info

These are the high-level steps to connect a Legato device to AirVantage:

You'll need an account on AirVantage Server, you can check with your Sierra Wireless contact.

Once you are connected to your AirVantage account, you can do the following steps:

Create a new System in AirVantage Server:

  • From the Inventory menu, choose Systems.
  • Click the Create button (+ symbol): enter a Name (used for retrieval).
  • In the Gateway tab, click Create a New Gateway (+ symbol), a new windows will appear: enter the IMEI of your device.
  • Click Create.
  • Once you got back on system creation window, click the Application field select 'Legato_Beta'.
  • Select "I want to activate my system after creating it".
  • Click Create.

Force a connection using the Agent Shell:

  • Connect to the device using ssh
  • Telnet to the agent shell using "telnet localhost 2000"
  • In the agent shell, check the server URL: ":agent.config.server.url".
  • Verify that the URL is set to "tcp://"
  • then request a connection ":agent.srvcon.connect()"

This manually forces a connection to the server. You can also set up automatic connections or make user applications to trigger connections.

Check device status on the AirVantage Server:

  • From the Monitor menu, choose Systems
  • Browse to your device (by the name you created or the IMEI).
  • Click Details.

The Last seen field should be updated with a recent date. You can also see the initial data exchange in the Timeline screen.

Copyright (C) Sierra Wireless, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved. Use of this work is subject to license.